Chin Implant


What can be done for a small jaw or chin?

Chin augmentation can be performed to help improve facial harmony. A small chin can be augmented with an implant or with facial fillers. A chin implant can be performed in isolation or as part of a rhinoplasty or facelift procedure. Dr. Olarte will assess which treatment will be best for you during your consultation.

What is a chin implant?

Implants made of a soft, flexible synthetic material such as silicone. The implant is inserted to feel much like natural tissue normally found in the chin. They are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes allowing a custom fit to the configurations of the patient’s face. The material is biocompatible which means that the body does not reject the implant.

How is a chin implant performed?

A small incision is made either in the natural crease line just under the chin or inside the mouth, where the gum and lower lip meet. The implant is then shaped and placed along the bone of the lower jaw to achieve the desired aesthetic. The procedure is performed under local or general anesthesia at a surgical center. Patients go home on the same day with a dressing over the chin for 5-7 days.
As with most surgical procedures, strenuous activity should be avoided during the first week after surgery.

How long does a chin implant last?

Chin implants are designed to last your lifetime.

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