What is facial reconstruction?

Facial reconstruction is a general term used to describe procedures that focus on correcting problems of the face that have an impact on the ability to breath, speak, eat and hear. For example, after a removal of a skin cancer from the face, ears, or neck a reconstructive procedure may be necessary to help the individual heal without causing problems related to function. Similarly, after facial trauma, a reconstructive procedure may be necessary to help a patient return to normal function.

Who needs facial reconstructive procedures?

Individuals who have had the removal of a skin cancer or after a facial trauma may need reconstructive procedures. A successful facial reconstruction accounts for both functional and aesthetic considerations. The defect after a skin cancer excision by a Dermatologist who performs the specialized MOHs technique for surgical excision can be reconstructed by local tissue advancement. Similarly, following a facial trauma, various techniques are used to restore a balanced and harmonious facial structure.

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